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NEW Solid Canopy for the Vortex

To complement and offer a heightened lifestyle solution, we have available a Solid Canopy for the Vortex as an optional upgrade.

The 8mph Performance Scooter is an excellent Mobility Scooter and the addition of the Solid Canopy allows for continuous use regardless of the weather.

The stylishly engineered solid frame (with compact top box as standard) offers overhead & frontwards shelter with a clear & durable windshield for weather protection and maximum visibility.

Further upgrade the Solid Canopy by choosing the ‘with sides’ option. UK Made and exclusively available from Electric Mobility Retailers, the clear textile option benefits from easy access zips and roll up doors for accessibility and ventilation for enhanced breathability. An all-encompassing solution against the varying UK weather to ensure you can continue to benefit from prolonged year-round use of your Vortex Mobility Scooter.

The ‘Solid Canopy’ or ‘Solid Canopy with Sides’ are exclusively compatible with the Rascal Vortex Performance Scooter.

Available on Motability

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What our customers say...

  • I acquired my first ever mobility scooter, a Rascal Vista DX, having COPD and having been isolated for over 19 months as "very high risk" during covid.

    It has been a very liberating and fun experience now using my scooter to accompany Syl without her needing to push my wheelchair, but with me now having the freedom to go out alone, unhindered from home to 99% of the places I would wish to. It is a beautifully designed mobility aid and has literally been a "Game-Changer" in our lives... especially mine.

    So we thought the company and design engineers that produced this product to fulfill a very important need in our community desrve to be appreciated. Thank you to all.

    -"Peter The Knotter" & Sylvie at peterandSyl.co.uk
  • I do consider myself very lucky to have discovered REGENT MOBILITY & the RASCAL range of MOBILITY vehicles many years ago now = 25/30 years ago.  From my very first scooter Regent Mobility have helped me so much with their knowledge with the different machines my M. S. has taken me through.  SUCH SUPPORT!

    -(Debbie E, London - Rascal & Regent Mobility customer)
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