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The details below relate to our Rascal Mobility Scooter range:

Choose what is right for you
There are three main categories of scooter:

  • Car Transportable Scooters
  • Midsize Scooters
  • Performance Scooters

When considering your mobility needs, one important question is,

Q: Do you want to regularly dismantle and transport your scooter in a car?

A: With the changes in daily mobility more customers want to take a scooter with them in the car for shopping, holidays, and if you will be lifting it in and out of the car on a daily or weekly basis please refer to our Car Transportable Scooter section.

These Scooters dismantle into a few pieces for storing in your car boot.

Q: Are you looking for a medium size scooter that you will use around your local community and do not need to transport regularly?

A: If you are using a scooter to go from your home to a local shop or post office in your area and it is your main source of mobility you should consider our Mid Range scooters.

This type of scooter is not generally classed as Car transportable as they are heavier to lift and more difficult to dismantle. If you are considering transporting this size of scooter you may have to consider using ramps or a car hoist to make your life easier.

Midsize Scooters usually have larger batteries allowing you to travel longer distances and larger size tyres to overcome low kerbs and uneven pavements.

If you’re an experienced scooter user or need to venture onto the road occasionally, you need our Performance Scooter Range. This range has heavy-duty scooters that have full lighting kits for road use.
Class 3 scooters have a High/Low speed switch to enable you to switch to Low (4mph) for pavements use and High (8mph) for road use.

Many scooters offer suspension and comfort seating which is important for all day comfort.

These scooters offer great outdoor mobility.

So which type of scooter meets your needs?

Click on one of the above links and it will take you to the range of scooters that we think will help you.

Make sure you meet the current regulations for Class 3 products. See how to register your product with your local DVLA Office. 

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What our customers say...

  • I do consider myself very lucky to have discovered REGENT MOBILITY & the RASCAL range of MOBILITY vehicles many years ago now = 25/30 years ago.  From my very first scooter Regent Mobility have helped me so much with their knowledge with the different machines my M. S. has taken me through.  SUCH SUPPORT!

    -(Debbie E, London - Rascal & Regent Mobility customer)
  • Thank you to James & Kevin for helping retrieve the cancelled order and dispatch the new order for the Liteway 8 motor yesterday afternoon. Our customer wrote in to say: ‘Thank you ever so much for your help. Your customer service is outstanding, once again thank you.’

    -(Regent Mobility & their satisfied Rascal customer)
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