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Independent Pioneer Scooter Review

The Motability Scheme has launched a new series of reviews from independent reviewer & Journalist, Ian Cook. His first review focuses on large Class 3 mobility scooters available on the Motability Scheme and features Electric Mobility’s 8mph Performance Scooter, the Pioneer. This class of scooters is permitted to travel on the road when taxed, which can be arranged by the Motability scheme.

So what did Mr Cook think?

“This fully road legal 8 mph mobility scooter gives you reliability and performance. It is able to carry up to 25 stone in weight and I could really feel its solid construction while riding it over uneven ground.

The Pioneer comes with a full lighting kit, 12” robust wheels, and front and rear coil-spring suspension. It also has an adjustable, luxurious sliding swivel seat with a headrest and padded arms. I found the large square basket particularly useful for storage.

The scooter also features a moveable delta-bar tiller and it will carry you up to an incredible 35 miles before needing to re-charge the batteries. With its suspension and a 35-mile range, the powerful motor makes it an ideal mobility scooter for more challenging environments.

With 12″/ 30 cm wheels front and rear, the Electric Mobility Pioneer electric scooter is sure to give you a comfortable ride, whatever the terrain—I think this was its most impressive feature.”

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  • Just to say THANK YOU to all the staff at EMob, the service given over the last 6 weeks has been superb! The phones answered, queries dealt with & quick delivery.
    Compared to some other suppliers you are definitely on the ball and I think it is important to tell you how appreciative at MV Mobility we are. Stay safe and keep up the good work
    Lorraine Verby and staff

    -(Lorraine Verby - MV Mobility, Yorkshire)
  • What a difference my Rascal Rio has made to my life! It has enabled me to get out to places I had given up going to due to the amount of walking involved. I can also go on shopping trips that would have previously been too exhausting for me. I have had rheumatoid arthritis for nearly 40 years and I have quite bad hand deformities but find the powerchair easy to control - which was my main worry when thinking about buying one.

    -(Jo Walsh - Rio Powerchair)
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