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Additional Funding for the Disabled Facilities Grant following the Autumn Budget

The 2017 Autumn Budget has set in motion a great deal of changes for The UK, from stamp duty to pensions to the NHS, The Conservative Party sure have got the Nation talking Politics with UK residents evaluating what the Budget means for them.

Moving forward into 2017/2018 the Government will provide an additional £42 million funding for the Disabled Facilities Grant. The money will focus on providing support for those staying in their homes and takes the total for 2017 to £473 million.

Though the NHS has also received an additional £2.8 billion of resource funding in England, officials hope the Disabled Facilities Grant increase - making life safer and easier for disabled bodies in their homes - should reduce the dependency on NHS organisations. Creating a safer home environment where people are less likely to fall can remain independent should ensure patients can return from hospitals / hospices quicker.

With these changes, even more people in need can access a range of amazing products which aid day to day living in the home. Rollators, Riser Recliners and Powerchairs can all contribute to a happier independent life and Electric Mobility are thrilled to see changes made for the better within this industry so that these products are more accessible to all.

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