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What does FIRA tested mean on our Cosi Chairs?

We are proud to publicise the fact that 100% of our Electric Mobility Cosi Chair Product range is FIRA Tested. As members of the Furniture Industry Regulations Association, we submit ALL our CosiChair Riser Recliners & Fireside Chairs for rigorous FIRA Testing.

FIRA identify their testing process as follows,

'We can test all types of domestic and contract seating including upholstery, office chairs, high chairs, stadium chairs and outdoor chairs. This includes tests to all the main British, European, International and American seating standards.

Tests we perform include stability, safety and durability, all within our UKAS-accredited lab. Our experts can also assess for finger entrapment, which is key in seating with moving parts – such as office chairs, stadium seating and garden chairs.

Furthermore our UKAS-accredited flammability lab with four testing chambers carries out foam, filling and upholstery testing. We also hold UKAS-accreditation across all types of textile testing including tests for colour fastness, pilling and strength.'

FIRA testing each model, from the New Ambassador, to the Lilburn to the Avon, means we can offer you the reassurance that it meets high standards regarding safety, stability, durability & anti-entrapment.

We are proud that all our chairs have passed their tests and have made considerable efforts to amend products should they fall short in the testing process during the early design stages so we can ensure the product is as safe as it can be when it reaches your home.


Arguably one of the most important factors involved in FIRA testing is its flammability testing. Our upholstery, filling & foam options have passed tests to confirm they ignite and burn at a slower rate than other chairs - demonstrated below. Offering essential extra time to escape from your chair and house in the events of a domestic fire as it can contribute to the slowing of the spread.

According to FIRA research in November 2019 80-90% of European fires happen in a domestic environment, and 25% of these are linked to upholstered furniture. Look out for the FIRA Tested Logo when choosing your riser Recliner.

In Short: Every CosiChair is tested & has passed high standard regulations set by the International furniture association which means in the event of a fire, your CosiChair Riser Recliner or Fireside chair will take longer to ignite giving you more time to escape. This is compared to an upholstered domestic chair with components including fabric, foam and filling which have not been proved to meet these regulations and standards. In addition you can be reassured that they have also passed the relevant testing for overall safety, stability and durability.

For more information, please visit https://www.fira.co.uk/consumer-guides FIRA have great consumer guides and resources.

Do not replicate testing at home. Do not expose your chair to open flames in any circumstances. FIRA found that 25% of fires [mentioned above] were started by cigarettes

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